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Lack of Google Maps Transit Navigation

Hello, maybe I missed something, but was wondering why Google Maps with Transit Navigation isn't included in this "appquest"

Please clarify your stance on Google Maps with Transit Navigation.



  • Manager   •   almost 9 years ago

    Hi Alan, thanks for the note. This is a competition in that if companies or individuals would like to enter an app, they need to do so. Therefore if you're asking why didn't Google submit an entry, that question would best be directed toward Google.

    If you're a developer, or know any, and would like to learn about future competitions, make sure to follow the challenge.

    Thanks. -Brandon

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    Thanks for the reply!

    I have some concerns, however...

    Google doesn't go out of their way to submit their app to a contest like this, so the only person left hurting in the end is the misinformed consumer.

    There was no need to offer a cash prize, and force developers to "apply" for the contest. Developers love free publicity, hands down. If the MTA simply did the research themselves to found all the MTA apps, and did not require an "application" then there would be more apps to view and vote on, and in the end, a Real MTA winner would be found. Besides, MTA already has major financial issues, why waste more money? (joking, but serious)

    In all reality... the winner will be dubbed "Best MTA app, of our exclusive select pool of apps"

    I understand that I probably look like a whiney complainer, but I believe the focus here was to benefit the consumer... but the only one benefiting from this is MTA because they don't have to do any work.

    Do you honestly believe that the best MTA app can really be found, when not all of them are not in the voting process?

    Thanks again for your time and patience :)

  • Manager   •   almost 9 years ago

    Thanks very much for your views, Alan.

  •   •   almost 9 years ago

    Right. Because Google needs the free publicity.

  •   •   almost 9 years ago


    Thank You for commenting. You seem to highlight the point I am making here. Isn't the contest supposed to be about the MTA riders? If you limit their choices, you're only misinforming them.


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    Here's what the contest is supposed to be about:

    "The MTA is challenging software developers to use
    MTA data to create NEW apps that improve the
    transit experience of its 8.5 million daily riders."

    #1 the app you referred to already exists, which is not the purpose of the contest. The purpose isn't to congratulate Google or other existing app developers... it's to drive new apps.
    #2 if this contest didn't exist, I would not have created my free app, HINY, and dozens of other apps might not have been created either.
    #3 if Google had an unfair advantage (by being actively sought out and included without lifting a finger to make the same effort us independent devs had to do), then see #2 above. I already don't stand a chance against even small firms that can have their employees vote every day. My mom and dad still haven't voted because they can't figure it out!

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    Thanks very much for your views, Todd.
    You're right, apparently this contest has nothing to do with the riders, something I find sad and ridiculous.

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    "Nothing to do with riders?" Riders are the ones benefitting from 40+ new apps that wouldn't exist otherwise. And they're the ones voting on these new apps.

    Remember, MTA features Google and other PRE-EXISTING apps here: http://mta.info/apps/

    A popularity contest for Google is hardly necessary for Google and puts new independent development at a disadvantage. And blaming the contest, whose stated purpose is to generate new apps is like blaming the Grammy's Top New Artist of the Year for not including Frank Sinatra.

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    Thanks for the reply! I can tell you are very passionate about your beliefs, which I adore, as I am passionate about mine. You are putting an emphasis on Google Maps, more than I am intending. I simply used them as an example, because everyone has heard of it before. There are tons of pre-made apps for MTA out there, and I think they should all be in the contest.

    The problem I am trying to convey is that the riders will not "benefit" if the contest does not include all the apps. You have acknowledged that this contest does not include all the MTA apps.

    There will be a winner to the contest, but there's no guarantee at all that their app is any bit better than the ones already out there. This is my point.

    I'm not going to pretend that I can change this contest, because it will happen no matter what I do or say. If this is to benefit the riders, then the competition ought to include not only new apps, but also the old ones. By not including apps that already exist on the market, there is no bar to compare the "new" apps to during the contest. Therefore, there is nothing to aim for, nothing to beat, other than the other "new" apps. The winner will be dubbed "Best new MTA app" even if its still 10 times worse than a currently available app. This is my point, and this is why the riders will not benefit completely.

    So in light of all this, wouldn't it be best to at least have 2 contests? a "best new Apps" and "best App". See the difference?

    Thanks again for caring so much.

    p.s. The Grammy Awards include an award for "Best Historical Album"

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    Thanks, Alan. I just don't see the reason to denigrate a contest whose rules and purpose are clearly spelled out. The MTA does indeed promote existing apps, at http://mta.info/apps (indeed my HINY app and other new ones are NOT listed, yet) so I see no reason to believe MTA riders are missing out. This is a contest for new apps. It's not being marketed as best app ever. Google is welcome to do a new app. They didn't. Nobody's holding back Google. And the concern that the new app will be ten times worse than something out there is not based on what I've seen. The competition is quite good (I don't expect to win) and people are doing new things that Google isn't. This effort should be applauded. It's a positive addition to the existing set of apps that are ALREADY promoted by the MTA.

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    I understand your position, and respectfully disagree. I wish you best of luck in the contest.

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