•   almost 9 years ago


Every time I click "Submission Gallery", the same apps appear. Those apps get all the "I'm lazy to scroll through everything else" votes, which is very unfair.

And after you try to click sort="Random", you realize that it is exactly the same as sort="Recent", which doesn't help me get random apps.

Very, very unfair.

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  • Manager   •   almost 9 years ago

    Hi Philip, thanks for writing. The Random sort order is daily. Tomorrow you'll see a different list. (It's fair, we take this stuff seriously!)

    If someone goes from the default random order (which is what you land on when visiting the submissions page), to another sort order, and then back to random, it seems it takes you to most recent. Thanks for pointing that case out, we'll go ahead and fix it now. Cheers.

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