Manager   •   over 9 years ago

Competition Rules Questions

Competition rules questions are best emailed to but you may post them here instead if you prefer.


  •   •   about 9 years ago

    Is there any word on what additional information the MTA is looking to make public on 01 Oct?

  • Manager   •   about 9 years ago

    Hi Mike, sorry, not yet but we're hoping to hear soon (this week).

  •   •   about 9 years ago

    Hi. I am here to ask if I can still participate in the App Quest, with some form of parental consent. This is because I am only 16 years old right now, but I am extremely interested in taking on this challenge. If I CAN get parental consent, where can I get it?

    If I CANNOT do this, can I still half-participate? By this, I mean participate with restrictions (for example, no money award).

    If I can't take part in this at all, then what are other ways I can help the MTA (for example, helping to plan new subway/bus maps, helping to keep updated/in good shape)? I love the MTA, and I want to impress college admissions officers when I apply for college in about a year.

    Thank You

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